Product control

OGUS product control - detect & troubleshoot faults

Perfect and consistent quality has always been our top priority.


We check any surface effectively and thoroughly for defects or faults. But we do not solely rely on machines, but also benefit from decades of experience of our employees. The product control is carried out visually by our specially trained staff. They identify, mark and fix any occurring problem.

With the help of modern laser length measurement, we can determine and guarantee the precise quantity delivered of each product.



Product control: Return rate of less than one percent

Due to our complex control mechanism, we are able to achieve a return rate of less than one percent every year. Furthermore, an additional definition is performed for any occurring error and the source is determined in order to improve the basic quality of the individual components in the long term.


When placing your order, trust in the professional product control at OGUS and therefore on immaculate quality!