Quality management system

Quality is our top priority!

At OGUS, top quality and the resulting customer satisfaction are of paramount importance. In order to be able to guarantee this high standard of quality, we cooperate both with our in-house laboratory and international research institutes, testing centres and independent material testing offices.

In-house laboratory for quality improvement

At OGUS, we always cooperate with our in-house laboratory, from product development through to quality control. All materials and end products are constantly subjected to a series of tests in our laboratory, for example:

  • Load tests
  • Burning tests
  • Shrinkage tests
  • Weight / thickness checks

In addition, our laboratory also makes out acceptance test certificates.


We execute tests according to different standards of our customers.


In cooperation with renowned manufacturers, we always reach new insights and continually improve our products through innovations

Certified quality management

We exclusively apply environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001: 1996 as well as DIN ISO 9001:2015. This allows us to guarantee a reproducible quality. In addition, there is an extremely high degree of care in the individual production steps and a continuous technical cleanliness.


This, as well as our effective product control, guarantee the highest quality standards and an above-average durability of our products.