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OGUS is a long-standing Swabian family business that has specialized in textile finishing since the 1950s. From the beginnings of the Oberndorfer Gardinen- und Spitzenmanufaktur, it has developed to a national and international leader in the field of lamination and production of cut-to-size parts. As a major automotive and contract supplier, we offer the highest level of quality as well as exceptional competence and experience for customer and project-oriented products at fair prices. Customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority!

OGUS is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 since 11.11.2004.

Laminations for a perfect car interior
Laminations for a perfect car interior

Offer: Mobile camouflage for driven, harvest and raised hide hunting

Light, small pack size, highly functional, flexible in use, can be adapted to the respective hunting conditions in an environmentally friendly way with simple water colors, alternatively as a permanent solution in the hunting ground.


Laminating is defined as the planar joining of multiple layers. We offer two different types of lamination:

  • In the course of flame lamination, we join materials with the help of heated foam. In addition, another material can be applied in a single working step. We offer material widths up to 180 cm. Depending on the selected foam, a better padding can be achieved, for example for car seats. Other fields of application are side panels, roof liners or equipment for medical engineering.
  • Alternatively, we offer classic adhesive laminations. It refers to the joining of the compound of two materials with an adhesive and by pressing in a rotating system. Material widths up to 180 cm are processable.


Cut-to-size parts

With the help of our state-of-the-art CAD technology, cut-to-size parts (e.g. door panels, armrests, headrests for the automotive industry) can be manufactured on a very high quality level, as well as cost-effectively and flexibly. Trust in the years-long experience of our expert employees!



Suction tapes

Our suction tapes ensure perfect running characteristics! We offer a wide range of suction tapes with optimal durability through selectable use of Polyester, Polyamide or PEEK. By automatically recognizing errors in the process of production, we are able to offer tested and products of the finest quality. Defined weaving designs allow precise control of the vacuum.




Camouflage systems

The use of camouflage systems and nets usually goes beyond a military application. The functional use, e.g. for environmental protection, forestry or private purposes, is becoming increasingly popular. Let us convince you with our wide-ranging product line!




OGUS storage area with products ready for despatch
OGUS storage area with products ready for despatch